2020 Team Information & Tryout Questions

Our ultimate program goal for all of our teams and players is to IMPROVE. We pride ourselves on helping players develop their skills, basketball IQ and overall passion for the game. We have a different approach to practices and scheduling then most other programs. Once our teams are selected we determine a schedule that best fits each team taking into account what schedule will help them improve the most, be most competitive while improving and achieve any other goals like exposure. Over the last 10 years our focus on improvement has generated local level success, national level success, program recognition nationally and college scholarship opportunities.

Q: How are our teams structured?

A: Our goal is to have 1 team in each age division Boys 3rd-8th grade and Girls 3rd-11th grade. We will have 2 teams at grade levels where we have enough interest. We generally try to keep 11 players at the most on any of our team rosters. Please visit the individual team pages with more information regarding each individual team.

Q: Is there a cost to tryout?

A: Yes, the cost is $10.00 to tryout ahead and $20 at door. This tryout fee helps us cover the gym time needed to have tryouts. The tryout fee is non-refundable.

Q: Where do the teams practice?

A: Practice locations will vary depending on the team your player makes. We have teams that will practice in Peoria, Dunlap, East Peoria, Eureka, and Bloomington. Please check individual team pages for more information regarding practice locations. Most teams will practice 2 times a week March-May and fit in practices where able to in June and/or July around tournament schedules.

Q: How much is it if my player makes the team?

A: Cost will depend on the individual team. We do our best to make our program as affordable as possible and therefore we base our team fee on the actual schedule for each individual team. Once we have the schedule set we add the cost for tournament entry fees and practice time and divide that between the number of players on the team. We add a club fee per player and uniform (if needed) to obtain each team’s individual player fee. Team player fees will vary from $300-$500 for 3rd-8th Grade Boys & Girls. Competitive/Exposure Girls will be $500-650 depending on the team.

Q: What is the schedule?

A: Each team will have their own schedule. Many of our individual team pages have proposed schedules posted and other teams will be given a schedule to consider after tryouts. Our season runs from tryouts until end of June for 3rd-4th Boys & Girls and into early to mid July for all other teams. We will have a parent/player meeting, typically the week after tryouts, and discuss a schedule for each team. Our goal is to finalize a schedule with each team that best fits the majority of each teams players/families, achieves team/program goals and enables the team/players to improve the most. Tournaments for most teams are on weekends (Saturdays and/or Sundays), while those teams participating in higher competitive/exposure tournaments may have tournaments on weekdays. All of our Boys & Girls teams 3rd-7th grade will participate in the Wardle Youth League on Tuesday nights (Girls) and Wednesday nights (Boys) in the month of June.

Q: What do I do if I can not make it the tryout posted for my grade level?

A: Contact Riley at rgardner@heartofillinoisbasketball.com as soon as possible and we will work to get you in to another scheduled tryout to be evaluated.

Q: How is play time determined?

A: Play time is earned, there is no guaranteed play time. We use tryouts to help us determine the players who fit the best on each team and we strive to keep players we see contributing to each team and therefore plan on playing. However, commitment, work ethic and attitude will ultimately be the biggest factors in determining play time. To be blunt if your player is committed to schedule, works hard to improve and is coachable then play time will not be an issue.

Q: Can I play other sports and still play travel basketball?

A: Most of our players at all age levels play multiple school sports and other travel sports. We ask that you look at the schedules for our team, your other sports teams and any other activities you are involved in to determine what conflicts there may be. We generally ask for an 80% commitment at a minimum to our scheduled tournaments and practice from our players.