Kroger Community Rewards

Heart of Illinois Basketball Club is excited to announce that we are officially enrolled in the Kroger Community Rewards Program. This program offers Non-Profit Organizations an opportunity to fundraise by giving back to organizations when community members use their Kroger Rewards Card when shopping at Kroger stores. The more community members linked to our organization the more our organization will receive from the Kroger Community Rewards Program. Anyone with a Kroger Rewards Card can link to our organization, so please feel free to share with anyone. Funds raised through this program will help our program to purchase needed equipment, offer events/opportunities to the community and help players/families be able to participate in our program. Please link your Kroger Rewards Card to our organization today!

 To link your Card:

 1. Go to

2. Sign in to your account or create an online account then sign in

3. Click “Savings & Rewards” then chose “Kroger Community Rewards”

4. Sign in to your account once here

5. Click “View Details” under “I’m a customer”

6. Enter “MT439” or search for “Heart of Illinois”

7. Click “Enroll” and it will say “You have successfully changed or added your organization”

 If you need a Kroger Rewards Card you can visit any Customer Service center at any Kroger store.

GoFundMe Page

We have a GoFundMe Page to help raise funds for our program to be able to offer opportunities to players/families by participating either on one of our program teams or in one of our program sponsored events that otherwise would not be able to. All funds that are generated from our GoFundMe page will be used towards scholarship opportunities for player fees, player travel and/or scholarships for program sponsored events.

GoFundMe Link

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